Mats by Mars

Mats by Mars wargaming play mats will take your gaming table to the next level!  Currently available in 15 different styles, variable sizes ranging from 2’x2′ to 4’x6′, and with an optional grid overlay custom printed for your favorite game!  Your games will flow faster, be more accurate, LOOK better, and be easier to setup and tear down!

Mats by Mars mats are printed on a flat rolling type of vinyl, that while skeptical of it at first I have been proven completely wrong!  They have some wonderful designs for all gaming needs, and we’re using them on several of our local Twin Cities tables to great effect!  Check them out online, or on several of the tables at Twinfinity 2017!


“Improving your Boardgame”

Customeeple is another one of the “old school” producers of gaming products for Infinity: The game, and we are pleased to announce Customeeple as one of our Sponsors for 2017!

Axis at Customeeple was kind enough to send us an absolute “gaggle” of game aids, tokens, and terrain pieces to give away as prizes at Twinfinity 2017.  So many items were packed into this box, that it quite literally exploded when I opened it!  It was quite the sight, all of this fine laser cut acrylic and MDF covering my dining room table…  Their product line isn’t just limited to Infinity either!  They make items for many other games incluing Malifaux and Kings of War as well.

Go check out Customeeple and when you do, be sure to tell them that Twinfinity sent you!

Art of War Studios

Here at Art of War Studios, we believe in a great product at a great price. We try our best to make quality gaming accessories, but also avoid those boutique prices. 

We’re a family business; a husband and wife team who have been doing this for just over two years out of a small barn in the middle of nowhere. We don’t have investors, or shareholders; all the money we make goes into paying us (not much!) and reinvesting into the business to improve our product range, raw materials and infrastructure – so every order made with us makes a huge difference!

We’re constantly adding products for different gaming lines and constantly striving to improve upon the products we already have. We’ve got an awful lot of experience in the wargaming industry, from playing to designing, and we intend to make it all count.

We love customising work, so drop us a line with your ideas and we’ll do our best to make them happen. We also work with companies to provide prize support, event support and official tokens, so if you’re a business in need of some tokens for whatever reason, get in touch! 

Art of War Studios, baby!

I love these guys!  I spent a lot of time emailing back and forth with Grantt and he was an absolute dream to work with!  I’m pleased to announce that Art of War Studios has joined forces with Twinfinity to sponsor our 2017 event at both the Swag and Prize Support level!

Grantt was kind enough to provide some of their terrain to add to our prize pool, as well as to provide one of their really cool 3d Smoke template markers for the first 64 Attendees of Twinfinity 2017!  Additionally, he was kind enough to provide us with a discount that enabled us to purchase a whole ton of their really freaking cool 3d markers and 2d tokens!

I will post some pictures of their offerings in a future, full Sponsor profile on the Twinfinity Blog, so keep your eyes posted there for more!

Bandua Wargames

Bandua Wargames is a company that is born from the passion of some wargames fans, from the common interest of making it grow and develop even more inside of our borders.

We intend not only in being a store were amateurs can find good quality products at good prices but also a place were the wargamer can find help, news and other people to share and enjoy our passion, our hobby.

Bandua Wargames seeks to offer its clients not only good products but also quality and services in everything that surround the sale. Clear information, quality in shipping, a variety in forms of communication and payment methods, game aids, reviews…

Bandua Wargames intends to use all the tools at its disposal for both fans harden by thousands of battles as for the novice that are approaching for the first time this great hobby to accomplish one thing, to enjoy to the fullest.

We would like to thank everyone that joins us in this adventure in which we have embarked. Finally, don’t forget to see our events calender since Bandua Wargames organizes different types of activities in several cities every month!

Regards and good luck with the dice!

We at Twinfinity are honored that a company like Bandua Wargames has decided to partner with us as a sponsor for Twinfinity 2017.  Bandua is, as far as we know, one of the original “old school” terrain manufacturers for Infinity and has always made excellent product!  Now that they are moving into prepainted and pre-printed terrain pieces, their offerings are only getting stronger!

Bandua has agreed to sponsor Twinfinity at the Swag level, providing a neat little faction personalized piece of Swag to the first 64 attendees of Twinfinity 2017, as well as at the Prize Support level with a discount on any additional prize support that we wish to add to our prize pool!.  It was a very cool and generous offer on their part and we are proud to partner with them to make our event the best that it possibly can be!

Infinity Harbour

Infinity Harbour started in response to the poor availability of so many great products for Infinity and accessories in the US. They decided that the way to fix this problem was to try and cultivate direct partnerships with many of the European accessory manufacturers to ensure the high availability of these products while also maintaining a good price point for customers. They also had grown tired of what we felt was poor customer service for the Infinity player from many if not most retail outlets. They felt that they could provide exceptional customer service like a local shop but still use the internet to expand our presence and specialize on just one game – Infinity! They don’t want to be everyone’s game store, they want to be your Infinity store. Infinity Harbour strongly believes in the partnerships they have formed and is dedicated to growing the US Infinity community. As a result, they support numerous events around the country and are always happy to help out clubs and tournaments when they can.

We at Twinfinity are proud to call Infinity Harbour one of our original event sponsors, and to call James our friend.  James and this company have been outstanding supporters of Infinity events in general around the Midwest, but especially here in our backyard of Minneapolis/St. Paul.  He’s one hell of a guy to work with and to buy from, and I personally recommend that you make Infinity Harbour your Infinity store and go-to spot for those hard to find/expensive to import European terrain pieces and accessories as well as your Infinity miniature needs.

You might think that the name GAMEMAT.EU says it all: they make high quality gaming mats in various sizes and prints, but if you thought that was all, then you would be wrong.

While does indeed produce some of the nicest Neoprene(also known as “mouse pad material”) gaming mats that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using, they do so much more!  They have several lines of terrain, useful in nearly any miniatures wargame, and all of those terrain lines come in a pre-painted version as well as unpainted!  They also sell 6×4″ foldable gaming tables, and even do commission painting as well!

Though our focus at Twinfinity is on gaming mats, and as written above I believe that produces some of the finest mats available in Neoprene.  They have many excellent designs available at a pretty amazing price point. has been kind enough to provide us with no only a number of gaming mats for our tournament tables, but also with a ton of mats that will be given out as prizes to Attendees at Twinfinity 2017!  Additionally, every attendee will receive a single discount coupon that is good for one order from the webstore!

Pride of Rodina

The good sir, Kyle Randolph of the Pride of Rodina blog is a kind and generous fellow that I had the brief opportunity to meet at GenCon 2016.  Larger than life, I’ve heard that he was single handedly responsible for ending the great Zargon invasion of 2011.  Using only his cunning wit, and powerful laser eyes he faced the Zargon Invasion Overlord in one on one combat, defeating him completely and utterly while screaming something about how “Totally amazing!” Kazak Spetsnaz are.

Check out his blog at as it is a great source of information on Infinity, especially for those of you who love Ariadna.  It is also my pleasure to announce that Kyle will be in attendance at Twinfinity 2017, and he’s a super cool guy so try to roll some dice with, or at least get some friendly conversation in with this one.

Kyle has been generous enough to support Twinfinity 2017 at both Prize Support and Swag levels, donating a fully painted Nomads starter force as Prize Support, and bringing a special Pride of Rodina button for attendees.  What a guy!


They are LOSBLOCK – a small company from Surgut, a siberian city in Russia. They are wargamer first and foremost and like to create stuff for people like themselvesselves. The scenery and accessories that they produce have been tested in thousands of battles on hundreds of tables.

Twinfinity is proud to be sponsored by LOSBlock at the Prize Support level.  LOSBlock has been generous in sending us a huge selection of laser cut acrylic objective sets and several of their very cool laser cut buildings!  I’ve always loved the look of their product and it looks like it plays excellently!

Impudent Mortal

Impudent Mortal manufactures high quality laser cut MDF Terrain and Gaming Accessories for tabletop wargaming that looks great and is affordable. Our company’s aim is to push the limits of what is possible with laser terrain by constantly testing new techniques and materials while staying true to our philosophy of listening to our customers feedback for developing new product.

We at Twinfinity are pleased as punch that Impudent Mortal has partnered with us for 2017 at the Prize Support level, sending us several of their fantastic laser cut MDF products including a paint rack and an Infinity Tournament Case to organize your tokens, dice, and models with!

Systema Gaming

Systema Gaming is the first official sponsor of Twinfinty 2017!

Systema Gaming is known for making quality Wargaming products run by gamers like us, and designed by actual architects!  Primoz from Systema has been generous enough to support our event at both the Prize Support and Swag levels!  Systema has provided a number of fantastic laser cut MDF Terrain pieces and acrylic gaming aids!  In addition to this, every single attendee of Twinfinity 2017 will receive a special discount coupon to the Systema Gaming webstore, good for 20% off of any order!

Go check them out at and check out our Sponsor Profile of them at