Twinfinity Sponsor Profile #1: Systema Gaming

Sean here with the first of what hopes to be many Sponsorship Profiles for Twinfinity 2017!

Look at this sweet sweet swag!

First up on our list, a company that was absurdly fast and super friendly to work with: Systema Gaming!  Personally, I’ve always been drawn to Systema Gaming for two things:

  • Their “Base-O” terrain line.  If you’re looking for that sort of “future industrial complex” vibe, then I think that it’s pretty hard to go wrong with this particular line of MDF terrain.  Added bonus: I believe that their walkway system is one of the best looking out there, and I dig how it’s designed to wrap around and integrate with the Base-O buildings if you want it to.  You can come up with some pretty awesome configurations like this:

So cool!

  • Their Futura City line.  I’ve always adored these buildings.  They come with a lot of cool little add-ons, they stack up and line up with one another to create different shapes and configurations, they look slick, and they include little sidewalk slabs to go around the building!  I love the sidewalk thing, because sometimes setting up a table on an “urban city” mat with roads pre-printed onto it can lead to some wacky configurations.  With Futura City, you can use a nice generic concrete mat and set the buildings up however you’d like.

Primoz from Systema has been incredibly generous in supporting Twinfinity 2017 at two different levels:

  • All of the items pictured at the top of this post will go into the general prize pool!
  • Additionally, Systema has provided a special discount code for their webstore that will be given to every single attendee of Twinfinity 2017

I’d like to personally thank Systema Gaming for being not only the first sponsor to reach out to us in support of our event, but for also being the first to get prize support into my hands!  Go check their product out at  In addition to the different terrain lines, they also have a line of laser cut acrylic tokens and accessories that look quite nice in person!