Announcing the Twinfinity Roommate Connection Hub

I know that there are at least two people out there that are interested in coming out to Twinfinity, but would be doing so solo for the weekend.  Because staying at a hotel solo for 3-4 days might not be the most economical choice to take at that point in time, I’ve been asked to create a place where potential attendees could come together to find roommates for their stay in town prior to registering.

To that end I give you the Twinfinity Roommate Connection Hub, or: TRCHub!  It is really just a Facebook Group, so assuming that you have a Facebook account please head to:

Once approved to join the private group, simply make a post that you are looking for one or more roommates.  Hopefully this will help you find someone to split the cost of your stay with!

Right now we are at 54 attendees, so get registered quickly if you’d like to get in on that sweet, sweet, swag!