Twinfinity blog – First post!


Sean here, bringing you the first post on the Twinfinity blog.

Why a blog?  Well, I kind of dislike using Facebook as a method for “storing information”, because it’s not very good at that job.  It’s a great place for active discussion, but trying to go back and find older information that you’re looking for can be quite the hassle.  That said, a blog is perfect for just such a task, and the entire Twinfinity website is built upon a blog content management system anyhow, so why not use it?

So I figure that I may as well start with what I hope to accomplish here, which is quite simple: I’m hoping to make a post roughly every 2 weeks or so from here until the event actually occurs.  These posts will, in theory contain a plethora of useful information for you leading up to the event including but not limited to:

  • Travel information.
  • Sponsor and prize spotlights
  • How to survive in the frozen wasteland of Minnesota, specifically when it is 75 degrees and sunny and the nearest snow is in Canada.  Maybe
  • I’ll sometimes post updates on attendance numbers
  • Event info, including missions, after hours activities, etc
  • Whatever the hell else I can think of that might be useful for all of our out of state friends
  • Registration details

So let’s get down to business:

Registration Details

Registration for Twinfinity 2017 will officially open on Monday, January 2nd at 12:00pm CST.  I think that I may have previously said an earlier time, but I couldn’t find any actual written record of that fact, so 12:00pm CST it will be!

Registration will be a pretty simple two part process.  Starting at noon on the 2nd, I will post a link to our “PayPal Button” on the front page of In the Sign Up section.  You can click on it in the top right-hand corner of the site to get there easily.  Once you click the link you’ll do two things:

  1. Follow through the PayPal link and fill out the necessary fields.  You’ll pay your $55 registration here and can do so either via PayPal or via a credit card.
  2. Once you’ve completed the PayPal payment successfully, you will be re-directed to a Google Form.  I need you to fill this out 100%, and it should only take a few minutes.  It will ask you for your ITS Pin, an email address that I can contact you via, your paypal email address, what state you live in, and if you’re a member of a gaming club and if so, what its name is.  This will help me register players in the OTM

I’m currently limiting registration to 64 players.


$55 for a weekend of gaming?!?!  What the hell man!

Well, here’s the deal.  This stuff isn’t super cheap, to start with.  We’ve got some really good friends helping do what they can do give us cool deals on cool things to do for our players.  Anyone who attended last year knows that I liked to include a rundown of costs associated with the event so that you know exactly what you’re getting for your investment.

Off the bat, we’re renting the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center for the weekend and that runs close to $1,000 dollars.  So, congratulations first 18 players but you just paid for the event location itself!  From that point forward, 100% of your money is going to go into purchasing swag.  This is a bit of a departure from last year, because last year 100% of that money went into purchasing prizes.  This is because I didn’t really take the time to reach out to all of the wonderful manufacturers and Infinity partners out there to hawk for prize sponsorship and all of that.

I will be this year.

Bigger, better, stronger, faster and all of that.

So what kind of ideas am I poking around with for Swag?  Keep in mind that right now, these are just ideas and what I can actually do will be directly proportional to attendance: the closer we get to that 64 player capacity, the more I can do!

  • I’m working on something “very special” with
  • Because Fantasy Flight Games serves Beer, I’d like to offer SUPER OFFICIAL TWINFINITY PINT GLASSES.  I’m hoping to be able to provide one to every player, that you can sip wonerful Surly beer out of the entire weekend, but I should also be able to offer up some additional ones for sale for those of you who are like me and want to have “full sets” of such things.
  • Patches.  Duh.  Gotta have a patch.
  • T-shirts.  This is sort of a “pie in the sky” item, relegated to “If we’ve got enough money to put it together”.  If we do, you can expect a fancy shirt of awesomeness.
  • As part of my reaching out for Prize support, we will have a sponsorship level for entities that would like to provide something for every player, all of which will go into your swag bag.

I have some other ideas, but right now I’m trying not to go crazy before I’ve got some idea on what sort of budget that I have to play around with.

The Bostria Cup


So damned shiny…

A tradition started at the Iowa Incident 2016, the MIDWEST MEGA META BOSTRIA CHAMPIONS CUP will be up for grabs once again at Twinfinity 2017!  Here’s how it works:

  • In order for your community to qualify to take the cup home, you must have at least three players in attendance and playing in the event
  • The scores of your communities top three players will be added up and compared to those of the other communities
  • The community with the highest total score will bring the trophy home with one of their local Warcors, to be displayed wherever the community desires.
  • We highly recommend treating this thing like the Stanley Cup.  Let each of your attending players have one day with the trophy, mostly so that they can drink a beer with it!

And let’s not forget, the most important part of Twinfinity….


“Get to painting, Sean!”